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Overactive Bladder Quiz


The questions below ask about how bothered you may be by some bladder symptoms. Some people are bothered by bladder symptoms and may not realize that there are treatments available for their symptoms.

Each question has several possible responses. Answer each question with a response that best describes your own situation.

Have you been bothered by:

1. Frequent urination during the daytime hours?

2. An uncomfortable urge to urinate?

3. A sudden urge to urinate with little or no warning?

4. Accidental loss of small amounts of urine?

Quite a bit

5. Nighttime urination?

6. Waking up at night because you had to urinate?

7. An uncontrollable urge to urinate?

7. Are you male?

Your total:

If your score is 8 or greater, you may have overactive bladder.

There are effective treatments for this condition. You may want to talk with a healthcare professional about your symptoms.

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